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Carole Cadwalladr: A Comprehensive Biography

Carole Jane Cadwalladr, a distinguished British author, investigative journalist, and features writer, has carved a notable niche for herself in the realm of journalism.

With a career marked by groundbreaking reporting and unwavering dedication to truth, Cadwalladr’s journey from humble beginnings to international recognition is a testament to her talent and tenacity.


Carole Cadwalladr was born in 1969 in Taunton, Somerset, England, and spent her formative years in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. From an early age, she exhibited a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in current affairs, foreshadowing her future career in journalism.


Cadwalladr pursued her education at Radyr Comprehensive School in Cardiff, where she nurtured her writing skills and cultivated a deep-seated curiosity about the world. She furthered her studies at Hertford College, Oxford, honing her craft and laying the groundwork for her future endeavors in investigative reporting.

Age, Birthday, and Personal Life

As of 2024, Carole Cadwalladr is 55 years old, celebrating her birthday each year. While much of her professional life is in the public eye, Cadwalladr maintains a private personal life, allowing her to focus on her career and advocacy for truth and transparency in journalism.

Romantic Life | Husband

While details about Carole Cadwalladr’s romantic life are not extensively documented, it is known that she has been involved in various relationships over the years. However, Cadwalladr’s primary focus remains on her career and professional achievements.

Height and Weight

There is no publicly available information regarding Carole Cadwalladr’s height, weight, or physical measurements. Cadwalladr’s expertise and influence in journalism are widely recognized, overshadowing any focus on her physical attributes.

Career Transition and Trajectory

Carole Cadwalladr’s career trajectory is marked by versatility and excellence. Beginning her professional journey as a feature writer, she quickly transitioned to investigative journalism, delving into complex technology, politics, and social justice issues. Her relentless pursuit of truth and accountability has earned her international acclaim and recognition.

Net Worth and Salary

Carole Cadwalladr’s net worth is around $1 million, and as an investigative journalist, he might receive an annual salary of $ 500,000. Her successful career and numerous awards suggest a substantial financial status. As a respected journalist and author, Cadwalladr’s earnings reflect her influence and expertise in investigative reporting.

Awards and Recognition

Carole Cadwalladr has received numerous awards throughout her career, recognizing her exceptional contributions to journalism and literature. Her notable awards include the Orwell Prize for Political Journalism, the Polk Award for National Reporting, and a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting nomination.

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TED Talk and Legal Challenges

In April 2019, Carole Cadwalladr delivered a powerful TED talk titled “Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy,” where she criticized the impact of Facebook on democratic processes. Despite facing legal challenges, including a libel case initiated by Arron Banks, Cadwalladr remained steadfast in her commitment to truth and accountability.

What is Carole Cadwalladr’s latest investigative report?

Carole Cadwalladr’s latest investigative report delves into the influence of social media platforms on democratic processes, particularly focusing on issues such as misinformation and data privacy.

Has Carole Cadwalladr won any journalism awards recently?

Yes, Carole Cadwalladr has received several prestigious journalism awards recently, including the British Journalism Awards, the Orwell Prize for Political Journalism, and the Gerald Loeb Award for Investigative Reporting.

What legal challenges has Carole Cadwalladr faced in her career?

Carole Cadwalladr has faced legal challenges, notably a libel action initiated by Arron Banks regarding her reporting on his alleged ties to the Russian government and electoral campaign funding.

Can you summarize Carole Cadwalladr’s TED talk on Facebook and Brexit?

In her TED talk, Carole Cadwalladr discusses Facebook’s role in the Brexit referendum and its implications for democracy. She highlights concerns about the platform’s impact on political discourse and electoral integrity.

What is Carole Cadwalladr’s stance on the role of social media in democracy?

Carole Cadwalladr believes that social media platforms like Facebook significantly influence democratic processes and should be held accountable for their role in shaping public opinion.

Where can I find Carole Cadwalladr’s most recent articles or interviews?

Carole Cadwalladr’s most recent articles and interviews can be found in reputable publications such as The Observer, where she is a feature writer, and through her official social media channels.

What inspired Carole Cadwalladr to become an investigative journalist?

Carole Cadwalladr was inspired to become an investigative journalist by a passion for uncovering the truth and holding powerful institutions accountable for their actions.

How does Carole Cadwalladr approach her investigative reporting process?

Carole Cadwalladr approaches her investigative reporting process with rigor and persistence. She conducts in-depth research and uncovers hidden connections to reveal important stories.

Is there any upcoming project or book authored by Carole Cadwalladr?

While specific details may vary, Carole Cadwalladr is known for her ongoing commitment to investigative journalism, and she may have upcoming projects or books in the works.

What are some notable achievements or milestones in Carole Cadwalladr’s career?

Some notable achievements in Carole Cadwalladr’s career include being shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, winning the Orwell Prize for Political Journalism, and delivering a widely acclaimed TED talk on Facebook and Brexit.

This comprehensive biography provides insight into Carole Cadwalladr’s life and career, highlighting her achievements, challenges, and unwavering dedication to journalism. As a trailblazer in investigative reporting, Cadwalladr’s impact on the media landscape is undeniable, making her a respected voice in the pursuit of truth and transparency.


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